Galaxidi is a historical town and a municipality located in the southern part of the prefecture of Phokida. ...


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view of antiparos island real estate in greece on the seaThe island of Antiparos is ideal for peaceful and quiet vacations. It is located in the heart of the Cyclades’ Islands cluster, southwest of Paros, from which it is divided by a shallow channel. The island covers an area of 35 and - because of its long shape - has 57 km of  beautiful coasts. The land to the north is flat and fertile while small hills rise from the center to the west, Profitis Helias Mount being the highest (300 m). The western coasts of the island are smooth and sandy, while the east ones are rough with small bays. The island is surrounded by a great number of smaller islands visible from nearly all points of Antiparos.

Antiparos is endued with sheer natural beauty and throbs with golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and verdurous landscapes full of cedar trees, whereas it has a charming village where most activities are concentrated. Antiparos' rich history, which dates back to the ancient times, has attracted world-wide interest, whereas monuments of the famous Cycladic period witness the glorious civilization that once flourished there. Recently Antiparos has become a favorite destination of Holywood celebrities, such as Tom Hanks, Monica Belucci and many other who have acquired luxurious properties. For those and more reasons, Antiparos has become a sought after exclusive investment destination. It is accessible via Paros by plane (25 minutes) or speed boat (3 hours) and then by ferry boat (10 minutes). Paros is also connected by boat with Salonika, Crete, Mykonos and many other.

List of Properties

Plot of land

A plot a few minutes from Antiparos villa ...

A wonderful plot of land 4500 m2, just 800 meters from the village Antiparos and the beach ...

Price: 250.000 euro

Additional properties in the Cyclades islands region and more information available upon request.