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The Saronic Gulf or Gulf of Aegina forms part of the Aegean Sea and defines the eastern side of the isthmus ...


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The Greek island of Mykonos is situated in the center of the Aegean Sea 94 miles south east of Athens and is part of the group of islands known as the Cyclades. Very easily accessible from Athens’ ports by speedboats (2,5 to 3 hours) and by air (45 min. from Athens) with a large number of daily scheduled flights. Mykonos boasts an international airport with a significant traffic. Although it is the most famous of the Cyclades islands, Mykonos is actually the smallest, covering an area of just 90 square kilometers. Despite its small area, part of Mykonos' fame comes from the fact that it has over twenty accessible sandy beaches earning the name "Capri of Greece".
Mykonos town known as “hora” is a grand example of unique cycladic architecture set around a picturesque fishing-village bay. Totally whitewashed organic cube-like buildings fit closely together to form a kind of haphazard maze of narrow alley ways and streets. The earthen colors of the bare hills which surround the town's gleaming whiteness is set between the aura of an incredibly blue sky and even deeper blue sparkling sea. Its many well preserved windmills and hundreds of tiny red-roofed churches adds a flavor of culture and custom to the scene, enhanced even further by many museums and the historical ancient site of nearby Delos. Together with being friendly and open people, the locals have a healthy understanding of what it means to have a good time. Put this together with all the island's other qualities and it is no wonder Mykonos has been often named "the jewel" of the Aegean Sea.
The two most common elements of climate for which Mykonos is famous are sunshine and wind. Rainfall is infrequent, generally falling between the months of February and March, allowing the sun to shine for as many as three hundred days of the year. During the summer months the temperature may occasionally reach the upper 30's but due to the cooling factor of the frequent winds an average of 28°C can be expected. Winters on the island are mild with an average temperature of 15°. Due to the moderating influence of the surrounding sea the island's temperatures are usually 2 degrees warmer in the winter and 2 degrees cooler in the summer than mainland Athens. Some people may say that Mykonos is known for being very expensive. Expensive as we know is a relative thing, different to each individual. In relation to the rest of Greece, Mykonos can be one of the more expensive places, it is true. In actual fact to supply the needs of the rich as well as the budget holidaymaker, a complete range of facilities are available to make it possible for just about anyone to enjoy the island at any period of the year. In relation to other holiday resorts in Europe and North America, Mykonos is not only on a par but often cheaper in comparison. As well as catering to the demands of its summer guests with an infrastructure that has been well developed over the years, an off-season tourist industry has also emerged making it possible to visit in comfort during the non-summer months. Frequent air and sea connections allow to experience the island's natural beauty throughout the year and not only in winter. When the crowds have departed, it is then that Mykonos can best be enjoyed as the tiny Cycladic fishing village it has always been.

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A waterfront development of 14 individual ...

14 individual, recently-finished luxurious villas in Mykonos...

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A stunning property of 1000 sq. m.

A stunning luxurious villa set in a peaceful position, 15 minutes to Mykonos town

Luxurious villa

A beautiful villa on Mykonos with sea views ...

In a nice environment of a residential complex close to the sea, there is a villa of 170 m2 ...

Price: 800.000 euro

Luxurious villa

An architecture masterpiece with outstanding ...

SALE! In Kalafatis area, one of the most popular and fashionable beaches in Mykonos, this luxurious ...

Price: 980.000 euro

Luxurious villa

Two villas in a compound are for sale

In the area of “Kalo Livadi”, southeast of Mykonos, on a hill just above the beach of Kalo ...

Price: 1.100.000 euro

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