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Complex of houses nearby Cassandra's beaches

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In a total area of 1.200.000 sq.m., a settlement has been recently constructed where one can give shape to his dreams. a total of 45 residencies are for sale. A dream that is nothing more than a miniature of magic land, at the highest point of Cassandra’ s Halkidiki, a peninsula where pine forests, golden beaches and wonderful landscapes interact, 45 residencies are for sale.

The location is an idyllic spot on the verdant peninsula with easy access to Cassandra beaches and just 3 km away from the well known natural SPA of Agia Paraskevi. If cosmopolitan night life is what you are looking for, you may also find it within a few km drive.

Inside the settlement places that serve every need are found. A grocery with traditional, ecological and not only products, a gourmet restaurant, a coffee bar, places of recreation and relaxation. There is even a 500 sq.m. cellar with secret passages and chambers protecting an amazing collection of wines (980 labels among which 120 Greek producers) where you may even organize and host events and parties. Even convention facilities are provided and any kind of event can be hosted in stone -and- wood conference rooms. Not to mention all the sporting facilities that one may use, such as tennis and basket ball courts, swimming pools, horse riding, trekking.

The settlement is located 120 km from Makedonia international airport (80 minutes by car) and 140 km from Thessaloniki (100 minutes by car). All houses have either a sea view, accessible by car (5 minutes drive to get to an almost private beach) or a garden or pool view and are built in complete harmony with the natural environment. Construction is that of a high quality, inspired by the elegance of traditional Greek architecture and attesting high standards of materials, design and workmanship.

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Prices: from 195.000 to 1.500.000 euros (without discount)


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List of Properties

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Two 2-floor villas of 130 sq.m. each

SALE 20%! Two 130 sq.m. villas of two floors and a private garden/yard for sale in Halkidiki. ...

Price: 195.000 euro


Three two-floors' villas of 105 sq.m. eac ...

DISCOUNT 20%! Three two-floor's villas of 105 sq.m. each and a private garden/yard.

Price: 205.000 euro


One two-floors' villa with its own private ...

DISCOUNT 20%! One two-floors' villa of 105 sq.m. and a private garden/yard.

Price: 215.000 euro


Seven two-floor houses with big private gardens ...

DISCOUNT 20%! Seven 2-floor houses of 140 sq.m. each and a private garden of about 200 sq.m ...

Price: 250.000 euro


Seven two floor houses with parking spaces ...

DISCOUNT 20%! Seven 2-floor houses of 145 sq.m. each and a private garden of 80 sq.m each.

Price: 280.000 to 350.000 euro


Six two floor houses with private garden ...

DISCOUNT 20%! Six 2-floor houses of 145 sq.m. each and a private garden garden of 80 sq.m each. ...

Price: 280.000 euro

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Additional properties in the Real estate in Halkidiki region and more information available upon request.