Cyclades islands

The Cyclades are a Greek island group in the Aegean Sea, south-east of the mainland of Greece. The so-called ...

Ionian Sea

Switch to Russian The Ionian Sea with the Ionian Islands, lies between the toe of Italy and the Peloponnese. The Ionian Sea, arm of the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and  Italy is connected with the Adriatic Sea to the north by the Strait of Taranto. The Gulf of Taranto and the Gulf of Corinth are its chief arms.

The island of Corfu and the city of Patras (Greece) and Catania and Taranto (Italy) are the chief ports. The Ionian sea is home to the well known Ionian Islands such as Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakinthos, Ithaca, Paxoi and others. All the region is known for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, its charming villages and verdant landscapes.

Ambracian Gulf

The Ambracian Gulf is a gulf of the Ionian Sea in northwestern Greece. About 40 km long and 15 km wide, it is one of the largest enclosed gulfs in Greece. The towns of Preveza, Amphilohia and Vonitsa lie on its shores.   


Corfu is a beautiful island situated in the Ionian Sea. Corfu offers a wide variety of activities and sites of interest...  


Etoloakarnania - the prefecture of Greece. The plains and valleys are combined perfectly with the mountains (the most known mountain is the Akarnian Mountain). The longest river, counting numerous branches, is called Acheloos, also known as the «white river» (Aspropotamos). There are several beautiful beaches such as the ones at Vonitsa, Menidi and Nafpaktos...  


Kefalonia is the island with the most stunning white fine sandy beaches and turquoise, bleach like, waters, specific to the island. Kefalonia with its diverse and dramatic scenery is also the largest island of the Ionian Islands in Western Greece, located between Lefkada and Zakynthos. It is also a separate regional unit and its capital is Argostoli.  


Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the Ionians after Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Corfu. The island has an area of 303 square kilometres and a coastline of 117 km. It has a population of approximately 22.000 inhabitants. The island has some endless white sandy beaches surrounded by impressive vertical cliffs. In some places, the water looks as if the blue colour of the sea has been mixed with bleaching water. The beaches that can be found in Lefkada are probably the most impressive in Greece.  


Paleros, a picturesque small town located on the west coast of mainland Greece, is evocatively situated in a breathtaking backdrop of beautiful and serene vistas and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Olive trees, vineyards and pine trees extend down to the spectacular sandy beaches. Paleros is also a perfect place for those who love sailing as it is hard to imagine a more perfect sailing and cruising area.T he region is particularly popular for diving and it takes just a short swim under water to discover the unique beauty of these waters.   


The Region of Ipiros and more specifically the town of Preveza is a fishing center with a nice port (with its traditional fish tavernas), on the west coast of Greece, by the Ionian Sea…  

Map of Ionian Sea