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Halkidiki is located in northern Greece - 100 km far from Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, ...


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Paleros, a picturesque small town located on the west coast of mainland Greece, is evocatively situated in a breathtaking backdrop of beautiful and serene vistas and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Olive trees, vineyards and pine trees extend down to the spectacular sandy beaches. Beachfront bars, restaurants and caes are within walking distance. Many of the old traditions of the town are kept alive and unchanged by the local population today, giving the village its own unique character. Time has a completely different meaning in this pleasant and charming atmosphere and relaxed path of life of Paleros and its traditional tavernas and small alleys.

Paleros is very centrally located in the area making it ideal for short excursions to the adjacent island of Lefkada, separated from the mainland by a 50 meters’ floating bridge. Preveza, Parga, Messolongi and many other places of interest can be reached very easily by car and offer wonderful destinations for daily excursions. Within short drives you may visit some important archaeological sites of the country, and enjoy trekking in beautiful scenery.

Paleros is also a perfect place for those who love sailing as it is hard to imagine a more perfect sailing and cruising area. During summer the wind picks up at midday, blows through the afternoon and disappears at sunset giving therefore no worries to the travelers about anchor holding during the night! The perfect morning calm lets sailboats motor northwards against the prevailing wind direction and gives the opportunity for yachts and speed boats to cruise with safety. Paleros is appreciated for its excellent conditions for any water sport activities.

The region is particularly popular for diving and it takes just a short swim under water to discover the unique beauty of these waters. Paleros sits on the edge of Paleros bay against the amazing backdrop of the Arcananian Mountains. Due to this unique combination of the mountains absorbing all humidity and the sea which is around the area has a pleasant dry and mild climate. Long, dry and warm summers and mild and sunny winters. 300 days of sunshine per year.

You may reach Paleros by airplane. 30 minutes away is the international airport of Aktio-Preveza with frequent flights from major European cities and regular flights to Athens International Airport connecting with all major cities in the world. By boat from Patras’ or Igoumenitsa’s ports within 1,5 hours. By car from Athens currently the travel time is 3,5 hours and the forthcoming Patras Korinthos highway will reduce the journey by one hour. By seaplane from Ioanina, Patras and all major Ionian Islands.

List of Properties


Complex of 14 apartments in Paleros

Complex of 14 apartments ranging from 33 sq.m. to 67 sq.m. Each has its own private garden, ...

Price: 72.000 to 173.000 euro


Complex of 10 apartments in Paleros

The complex is located quiet close to the town of Lefkada, its modern marina, restaurants, ...

Price: 97.000 to 153.000 euro

Luxurious villa

Luxurious villas

7 luxurious villas set in one of the most picturesque areas of Paleros...

Price: 280.000 to 920.000 euro


Villas Infinity Blue

Three luxury villas of 156 sq.m.each are for sale in Paleros...

Price: 475.000 to 575.000 euro

Map of Paleros

Additional properties in the Ionian Sea region and more information available upon request.