The Peloponnese is a large peninsula and region in southern Greece, forming the part of the country south ...


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view of Aigio

Aigio also, Egio or Egion is a town surrounded by mountains in northeast Achaea, on the northern coast of the Peloponese, with a population of around 30,000, with several town squares, a bus terminal and a fountain downtown. Aigio is one of the oldest cities in Greece and the Balkans and has experienced a rich history since Antiquity.

It can be accessed from Athens by car within approximately 3 hours driving.

The sparkling blue Gulf of Corinth can be seen from many parts of the Aigio city, and a short walk from any of several main streets, via steep concrete steps set into the cliff side, open to a motorway lined with elite restaurants and eclectic hotels facing the sea. The brilliant blue harbor at Aigio boasts a long pier where fishing boats and sailboats are docked. The brisk wind coming off the Gulf moderates the fierce heat experienced in other Greek cities not so closely situated on the Gulf. Fishermen bring their catches from a night of fishing into the markets every morning. Outstanding, unspoiled beaches are only a 5 to 10 minutes drive from the city centre.

Sites of interest include a Mycenean House dating back to ancient times, located near the cliffs. In 2000, the ancient city of Helike (sometimes called "The Lost Atlantis") was discovered. Archeologists are now excavating the site every summer. Charming windmills are located in farmlands where groves of olive and orange trees, also supporting flocks of sheep and goats.

Of the several town squares, the largest one, with restaurants, fine shops and nearby churches, has shade trees and many tables under colorful umbrellas.

 Charming residential houses surround the city and flourish in the western part of Aigio. The townspeople are friendly, and the small restaurants inexpensive: some are covered with heavy grape vines. Typical traditional Greek cuisine includes spit-roasted lamb, mutton, lambs-heads, pulled pork, and the ubiquitous fish dishes, served with Greek salad loaded with feta cheese and olives, home-baked bread, and the local red wine, which is of good quality. Orange and lemon trees grow in most yards, and irrigation from small, open canals keeps the city greener than most.

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