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Permit of Residence

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1. 非欧盟国家公民在希腊境内个人合法或通过一个法律实体拥有价值为25万欧元或以上的房产、地产等。 房地产价格的支付必须通过银行交易。

2. 非欧盟国家的公民在法律上进入希腊领土必须持有任何的签证(D类签证或旅游签证)。




非欧盟国家的公民(财产所有者)可以伴随着他的家人。 在他们自己的要求下,家庭成员被授予个人居住许可证,其有效期跟随保荐人(财产所有者)的居留证的更新和/或失效。家庭的成员,指的是:a) 配偶;b) 21岁以下的共同的孩子。


1. 该居留许可在向有关当局提交所有证明文件后的2个月内发出。在此期间,申请人在提交文件时,将立即获得一张临时许可证。事实上这意味着凡在希腊购买一项25万欧元的非欧盟国家公民,有可能在购买物业(约2周)后获得其居留许可证。

2. 该居留许可证不给予任何形式的就业权利。

3. 该居留许可证将自动更新,如在5年后只要该房产所有权不出售,其拥有的居留可以获得延续。

4. 该居留许可证的持有人有获得公共卫生和公共教育服务的权利(如同希腊国民)。

5. 该居留许可证的持有人有在所有其他欧盟申根国旅游的权利,无需任何其他签证。



Our team will select, propose and negotiate the right property for you and once your choice is done, we will carry on all the paper work in the most secure way to protect your interests. You will be informed of the steps of your purchase and the follow up will be carried on in the most professional way thanks to our experienced team.

Once the purchase is completed, we will assist you with your new home’s installation and we will undertake the whole permit of residence process till its full completion.


In 2013, the government of Greece initiated a procedure to obtain permanent residence permits, which can be renewed every five years, for owners of real estate from non EU countries, the value of which equals or exceeds €250.000.


On the basis of article 20 of Chapter E of Law “Code of Immigration and Social integration” (Law 4251/2014), third-country citizens (non-EU citizens) and their family members, who buy property in Greece may obtain a residence permit for five (5) years by virtue of a decision issued by the General Secretary of Decentralized Administration of the Ministry of Interior when following conditions are met:

1. The non EU citizen legally owns, either personally or through a legal entity whose shares are wholly owned by him/her, a real estate property in Greece of a value of at least 250,000 Euro. The price of the property must be paid in total at the time of the purchase through a bank transaction.

2. The non EU citizen has legally entered the Greek territory with any kind of visa (visa D or touristic visa).

When a married couple buys in co-ownership a property of at least 250,000 Euro, a permit of residence is granted to both co-owners. In any other case of co-ownership, a permit of residence may be granted only if each of the co-owners have invested at least 250,000 Euro.

Permit of residence is also granted with same conditions to holders of time share lease or hotel or other tourist accommodation lease for at least a 10 years.

The aforementioned residence permit may be renewed for the same duration (five years) provided the ownership of said property remains.

The non EU citizen (property owner) can be accompanied by his family members. Upon their own request, family members are granted a personal residence permit that is renewed and/or expires concurrently with the residence permit of the sponsor (property owner). As members of family are considered: a) spouse, b) common kids and one of the spouses’ kids up to the age of 21 and kids.


1. Final permits of residents are issued within 2 months from the submission of all supporting documents to the authorities. A temporary permit is given immediately at the time of documents submission. In fact this means, that very shortly (2 weeks approximately) after the purchase of a property of 250,000 Euro the non EU citizen may have a permit of residence in his hands.

2. The residence permits do not allow a right to employment of any type.

3. The permit of residence is automatically renewed for same 5 years’ period provided the property still belongs to the holder of the permit.

4. The holders of permits have the right to access to public health and public education (as Greek nationals).

5. The permit of residence gives the right to the holder to travel to all other EU Schengen with no additional visa requirements.

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