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Luxury Real Estate Abroad

The Real estate agency IRM Aegean Estate - is a company with an impeccable reputation, specialized in the selection and sale of premium properties, located in the most beautiful places in Western Europe. Thanks to our experience in elite real estate abroad, we are able to provide all necessary services at favorable conditions for our clients:

  • Best elite foreign real estate, represented by various kind of objects - luxury villas, private islands, prestigious apartments and bungalows;
  • Expert advice on any matters relating to the selection and purchase of real estate abroad;
  • Sale of real estate abroad with a qualified legal support;
  • Complete confidentiality of negotiations and transactions;
  • Organizing visits for preliminary review;
  • Recruitment of necessary staff for the after sale service of the acquired real estate;
  • Effective management of real estate;
  • Convenient and reliable payment schemes;


Over all those years of successful experience working with VIP-clients, the process of dialogue with our clients creates a constructive and friendly atmosphere always paying attention to appropriate standards of business ethics.

Luxury real estate abroad - a captivated new prospect for getting ahead

Luxury Property abroad has been at all times been an indicator of success and prosperity for the owner, bringing dividends from rental and providing a comfortable place for resting and resourcing. In addition, the present elite real estate market abroad is one of the most promising choice for long term investments. When acquiring luxury properties abroad, you have at your disposal promising sites for construction of residence or lease. Luxury Property abroad improves business and social status of the buyer, creating the conditions for a meaningful improvement of commercial and residential activities.

European real estate for sale

In the process of selection of properties for sale, our agency is guided by the following principles:

  • Full validation of technical and legal condition of the property;
  • Analysis of the infrastructure of the area/region of the house, cottage or villa – proximity of airports, hospitals and other iconic objects;
  • Study of the commercial perspective of land and/or islands as investments;
  • Study of building capacity of land and/or islands - geological, topographical and climatic features.

Each property is carefully reviewed legally before it is on sale. More particularly:

  • A thorough examination of the legal documents confirming the property rights;
  • Monitoring of possible claims, objections or obstacles to the contract of sale.


For each transaction we are fully aware that our reputation is at stake; this is essential for developing ourselves in a competitive real estate market.

Exclusive Properties in Europe - the real benefits of the acquisition

Expensive villas, picturesque islands, promising plots of land, respectable houses which are posted in our database, this is really what exclusive luxury property is all about, the acquisition of which gives the buyer the following advantages and perspectives:

  • Getting a multiple entrance Shengen visa;
  • Priority status for the acquisition the citizenship;
  • Serious image in the eyes of your business partners;
  • The possibility of earning income from the rent;
  • Getting an address for the registration of commercial company;
  • A comfortable place to rest and work;
  • The prospect of profitable sale due to the resale value of the object.

Thus, buying an exclusive property, you become the owner of a respectable property, generating revenue capacity. And if we add unmatched comfort, offered by modern luxury villas and cottages, it is clear that the acquisition of real estate is the best way to invest free financial assets.
If you are interested in elite foreign real estate we offer reliable professional operator – IRM Aegean Estate real estate agency is always at your service!

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